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Go Pedal is a family-run business based near Clapham Junction Railway Station in Battersea, South West London. We have been providing bikes since 2006, when we had a light-bulb moment: how about a cycle hire service that takes the bikes to the rider? I used to travel a fair bit on business, and often found that, if I wanted to hire a bike in a particular city, I'd need to spend a lot of time travelling to the hire shop, then returning the bike when I'd finished. In a megacity like London, this could be even more of a problem. So, we decided to give the delivery service a try, and we've never looked back - whether you're visiting London and need a bike at your hotel, living here and wanting to try cycling before you buy, or you have extra friends staying over who need some extra bikes, we'll do our utmost to get you on two wheels.


The Ford family go for a Christmas Day ride in Battersea Park

We love the fact that, invariably, our customers have a great time on their bikes. Maybe that's not surprising, as (you will know, if you're a cyclist) there's just something about being on a bike that makes you feel good. Add to that the ability to get around easily and see everything that London has to offer, in your own time and at your own pace, and you have the formula for a great day out.

Good old Charlie Colton said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So when, in 2010, Transport for London launched its own pay-as-you-go cycle hire scheme, aimed at creating 40,000 more cycle trips every day, we were pleased: we're all for anything that gives cycling in London a boost. This is what the pay-as-you-go bikes and the docking stations look like:

Barclays Bikes

If you look closely, you'll see how the bikes are sponsored by a popular financial insititution. There have been a few teething problems but, all in all, the scheme has been a great success, and we're all for it. The more cyclists around, the better London becomes for cycling; more people decide to cycle...and so on - it's a virtuous circle innit? If you need a bike in Central London for an hour or so, take a Barclays Special. If you'll be needing it for longer, or are venturing outside the centre, or you need more than 2 or 3 bikes, you might like to Go Pedal! To help you decide how the prices compare, here's a table:

         Go Pedal* Barclays Cycle Hire**
Cost for 1 hour303
Cost for 1 day3052
Cost for 2 days50104
Lock IncludedYesNo
Helmet IncludedYesNo
 *Based on hiring 2 bikes**Includes usage fees of 2/day

Remember, a Go Pedal bike is yours for the day, weekend, week or whatever; you can lock it up wherever and whenever you want, then just jump on it again when you're ready for the off. With a Barclays bike, you need to find an empty docking station (not always easy) and re-dock it, then find another one next time you want to move.

We also find Go Pedal bikes more comfortable, lighter, easier to pedal - and they don't carry advertising for a bank with a 1.5bn bonus pool.

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