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Tips for Cycling in London

Understandably, some people have concerns about cycling in a big city like London. However, our experience is that, invariably, people find it far better than they had thought - it's mainly a case of keeping your wits about you and being sensible. Drivers' attitude towards cyclists in general is improving as the number of bikes on the road increases.

Cycling group at Morden Hall

Here are a few tips for cycling safely and enjoyably in London:

  • Be aware at all times of what's going on around you, and anticipate what'scoming up. Don't wear headphones or use a mobile phone: you need to use your ears as well as your eyes (and brain) when cycling.

  • We recommend you wear a helmet (fitted safety-standard-compliant helmets supplied with all Go Pedal bikes). They're not compulsory in the UK,and it's entirely your choice. We just think, on balance, they make sense.

  • Don't cycle too close to parked cars. People will open doors suddenly, without looking. Allow yourself a yard (metre) or so space. If this means traffic behind you can't overtake you - they'll have to wait. Remember, under UK law, you have as much right to the road as any other vehicle.

  • Don't cycle in the dark without lights: this is illegal, as well as dangerous. (Light sets available from Go Pedal) Also, if light conditions are poor, try and wear bright clothing so you can be seen easily

  • To have a really enjoyable, relaxed time on your bike, try and find the most cycle-friendly routes: quiet roads or, better still, paths where the only other traffic is cyclists and pedestrians. We can supply you with maps showing recommended routes. Most parks in London now have marked cycle routes; the Thames riverside path is mainly accessible to cyclists and is a great way of getting across the city.

  • If you'd like to go further afield with your bike, you can take it on public transport, but you need to plan this, as it's not always possible. You can't take bikes on buses in London, but you can take them onto the overground train network, as long as you don't try during the morning and evening rush-hours. On the underground ('tube'), bikes are generally allowed on the outer sections of the network.  For details see the Transport for London map.

  • For more cycling ideas visit our Where to Cycle in London page



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